Why Study in Japan?

Japan is a melting pot of the old and the new, the East and the West, the urban and nature — there really isn’t anywhere quite like Japan.



Experience an education abroad without burning a hole in your pocket. Japan offers you an overseas experience vastly different from that of studying in Singapore, while also putting you off the beaten path from UK/US Universities. Not to mention the various scholarships available.


All at a much more affordable cost in terms of both tuition fees, and living expenses.


Diverse Views

Much of academic studies in the English sphere is very much Western-centric.

Studying in Japan gives you the opportunity to examine these issues from an Asian lens and global perspective that you might not get at other universities.

Experience the best of both worlds studying in Japan.


Unparalleled Experience

Experience a culture and lifestyle unlike anything, anywhere else in the world. Join clubs at your university, partake in local festivals, immerse yourself in the culture.  And oh - studying alongside peers from around the world and throughout Asia.


Travel and discover a whole new side

of Japan.

Why Japan?


East Meets West

People may think of Japan as a culturally homogeneous nation, but this would be glossing over the incredible diversity of cultural influences in Japanese society. Embracing food, sports and music from all over the world (but especially America), and yet taking care to put a subtle East Asian twist on them - Japan is an amazing place where polar opposites of East and West meet, and seem to get along just fine.

Odaiba Gundam

Blend of the Traditional Yet Modern

Japan has robot-run hotels and restaurants, but Japan also has thousands of Shinto shrines and sumo wrestling. In Tokyo, the electronics and anime haven of Akihabara is within walking distance from the cultural heritage centre of Asakusa. As the old are celebrated for their history, new frontiers are constantly being pushed. Watch as Japan redesigns tradition and rethinks modernity.


Intertwining of Cities and Nature

Japanese cities have grown to astonishing proportions, and Tokyo is one of the most populous cities in the world; there is never a dull moment in the buzz of the big cities with bright lights. While urbanisation is taken to the next level in Japan, the countryside remains a breathtaking preserve of scenic mountain trails and tranquil village life, not to mention an abundance of onsen spots for a relaxing weekend getaway.



Some testimonials of Singaporean students who have studied in Japan.


University of Tokyo

Graduate Program on Global Society

Class of 2021

For me, pursuing studies in Japan has been a plunge into a cultural environment that starkly contrasts my undergraduate experience in the UK. Living here has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to sneak a glimpse into the underbelly of Japanese society - to see past the hospitable image that Japan projects to tourists visiting for a short period of time, and gain a fuller understanding of how Japan has fascinatingly evolved into where it is today.


Rikkyo University

Student Exchange Programme from NUS (Japanese Studies Major)

Class of 2020

Having lived in a dorm that housed both local and foreign students, I had the best of both worlds during my 1 year exchange in Rikkyo University. There, I felt at home being a stranger to Japan, despite my ability with the language. In fact, because of the foreign culture, l learnt to accept that I would always be treated differently from the locals, which only deepened the international experience. In Japan, I was an outsider, but it was okay. To me, rather than a melting pot of cultures, the distinction between me and Japan made me learn a lot about what it means to live in an international society while respecting the distinct cultures that exist.


Tokyo Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering

Class of 2021

It sounds cliché but studying in Japan has really broadened my horizons. Coming to Japan, the land of motorcycle manufacturers helped me discover my passion for motorbikes, whether it be riding them, fixing them or conducting research on them! Also, I know many of my friends picked up hobbies such as skiing, snowboarding and photography only after coming to Japan.

Regarding school life, I think the environment is more relaxed here as schools and companies hardly care about your GPA. Despite that, the environment for academic research is still very conducive for academic research as many universities are over 100 years old and are thus well-established in their respective fields.


Tama Art Unversity

Integrated Design

Class of 2023

I’ve always held an admiration for Japanese designers and I decided to come here to study from them directly, here in Tokyo. Needless to say, I am blown away by their work ethic, their outlook on design and their passion. This is a city that is very different from Singapore. In the train, on the streets, there are maybe 3 times the advertising, loads of magazines, way more brands, shows, content. This is a beautiful, dynamic and creative place that inspires me every day as I study here.

Xin Yi

Waseda University

NUS-Waseda Double Degree Programme (Political Science Major)

Class of 2022

I've always been very interested in international relations of the Northeast Asian region. Being able to go to Japan and study the subject with my professors, but also a deeply multicultural community, has been very eye-opening. In Japan, my academic subjects feel more “practical”, so to speak. Living in Japan also challenged quite a few of my existing worldviews, which I have found to be a fruitful experience. On an aside, I also picked up budgeting and cooking skills while living abroad alone – my mom has been thrilled about that!


University of Tokyo

Masters in Public Policy/International Programme

Class of 2020

It has been a wonderful experience studying and living here in Tokyo. The Graduate School of Public Policy offers an interesting variety of courses to suit students’ differing interests. There are also several opportunities to go abroad during the program through intensive courses or student conferences. Most importantly, I have found it deeply rewarding to truly get to know my friends from all around the world at GraSPP. Outside of school, there are many things to do in Tokyo - be it attending talks given by world renowned speakers or savouring the many delicious food options on offer.

Zhi Yin

Waseda University

Linguistics, School of International Liberal Studies

Class of 2022

Ever since I started self-studying Japanese at around 14 years old, studying in Japan became the natural choice for me, since I figured that studying in Japan would be the most effective way to max out my Japanese skills.

In Japan, I experienced a freedom like never before. I maintained a good school-life balance, doing part-time jobs, spending time with friends, and participating in all kinds of events pre-COVID-19. At the same time, I experienced life as a (rather invisible) minority, though that is more about “what is it like studying abroad” than “what is it like studying abroad in Japan”.