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Sabrina (Kyushu University)

Hey there! My name is Sabrina, and I'm currently enrolled in the School of Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation (共創学部) at Kyushu University. It's a four-year undergraduate course with classes taught in both English and Japanese. I've been living in Fukuoka, Japan for about one and a half years now and I have absolutely no regrets about making this decision. For extra-curriculars, I'm not in a circle/'bukatsu' as I've been busy juggling being a part of my department's PR team, working as a TA, a member of the international students committee, and for a few months, as an intern in a small start-up. My department allows me to explore and study subjects from all fields (sciences, humanities, design, programming etc.). You can find out more on the school website if you're interested!

I chose to study in Japan, specifically in Fukuoka, for several reasons. Apart from Japan's beautiful culture, landscape, and the chance for me to improve myself in another language, a huge part of me sought adventure. I wanted to challenge myself in a new environment and be more independent. Living in Fukuoka, especially in Itoshima (further from the city, more "kampung-like"), allowed me to appreciate the little things in life more – such as cycling under the blue sky, feeling the cool breeze or even stargazing at night.

Despite the risks I took since the course is rather new (launched in 2018), I strongly believe that anything is possible. If I had to give some words of advice, remember to follow your dreams regardless of what anyone else says; be it ranking or prestige. Opportunities are everywhere, so don't let the language scare you. You'll never know unless you try!


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