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The One-Stop Guide for
Studying in Japan

Undergraduate, Graduate, Exchange Programmes, Scholarships... We've got you covered here, at Study in Japan Singapore

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A competitive experience

An edge in third language and unique experience few others have in their CV

Japanese proficiency is in high demand both in Singapore and abroad - and studying in Japan is the fastest way to acquire that.

Even if you aren't fully proficient in Japanese upon enrolment, there are programs in English and Japanese to help you acquire the language while receiving a competitive education. 

Generous scholarships

 Tuition in Japan costs a fraction of that in US/UK, and even less than universities in Singapore

Yearly tuition fees in national Japanese universities may cost less than in a local Singaporean university. General living costs are also typically lower than the US and Europe. In addition, various scholarships are available for students, especially for exchange students to create an affordable study abroad experience. 

Unparalleled Student Life

Enjoy the perks of living in Japan - seasons, travel, clubs and circles...

Thinking about conquering all 47 prefectures of Japan and neighbouring countries such as Korea, Taiwan and China? A life in Japan empowers you that.

Moreover, enjoy the beautiful 4 seasons and indulge yourself in clubs and circles - the soul of Japanese universities.

Featured Programmes

University of Tokyo
University of Tokyo


Japan in East Asia | Environmental Sciences

Starting with two years of liberal arts education in the University of Tokyo, the PEAK programme aims to instil students with a broad knowledge base on which to build up their foundation.

Subsequently, students would choose to build up their specialisation in either the Japan in East Asia or Environmental Sciences specialisations.

Nagoya University
Nagoya University


Automotive Engineering | Physics | Chemistry | Biological Science | Social Science | Law | Economics | Japan in Asia Cultural Studies

Nagoya University's G30 Programme starts students off with a year of liberal arts and science education.

As students progress up in years, the classes progressively change from broad-based liberal arts education to specialized courses for their major.

Eventually building up through laboratory courses and culminating in their thesis research.

Cornell University - Kyoto University Double Masters Programme
Cornell University - Kyoto University Double Masters Programme


Management | Business Administration | Hospitality

The Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity is a two year programme that grants students a Master of Business Administration from Kyoto University and a Master of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University.

Students spend their first and final semester at Kyoto University, with their two semesters in between at Cornell University. They will study leadership, hospitality, marketing, AI and IT management, under their professors and professionals in the field.

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Short-Term Exchange

Young Scientist Exchange Program

The Young Scientist Exchange Program (YSEP) involves students being attached to a research lab in the university and undertaking a research project in addition to any courses they might want to take. There are also cultural activities, homestay programmes, and company visits.




Tama Art Unversity

Integrated Design

Class of 2023

I’ve always held an admiration for Japanese designers and I decided to come here to study from them directly, here in Tokyo. Needless to say, I am blown away by their work ethic, their outlook on design and their passion. This is a city that is very different from Singapore. In the train, on the streets, there are maybe 3 times the advertising, loads of magazines, way more brands, shows, content. This is a beautiful, dynamic and creative place that inspires me every day as I study here.



University of Tokyo

Masters in Public Policy/International Programme

Class of 2020

It has been a wonderful experience studying and living here in Tokyo. The Graduate School of Public Policy offers an interesting variety of courses to suit students’ differing interests. There are also several opportunities to go abroad during the program through intensive courses or student conferences. Most importantly, I have found it deeply rewarding to truly get to know my friends from all around the world at GraSPP. Outside of school, there are many things to do in Tokyo - be it attending talks given by world renowned speakers or savouring the many delicious food options on offer.

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